Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't Make a Mistake

Hey guys and gals

You all continue to amaze me with the number of views I see every week. I can't explain how much this support means. Anyway, here's today's article, so enjoy.

1. The Current Trend
It's that time of year again, banlist time. And you all know what it brings with it, weird card prices, salt-filled banlist predictions, and worst of all, Facebook feeds full of fake banlist links. But that's not why we're here. I'm only here to make you all money. So here's the trend: banned cards that may come back trend up while cards that may be touched on the banlist trend down this time of year. One of the cards going through the roof is Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, with Secret Rare copies fetching $30 and DT Ultra Rare copies bringing in a whopping $150 per on

2. Speculation Targets
This week's spec target is Mistake, the anti-meta Secret Rare from Shadow Spectres. This card was $25 on set release and quickly shot up to $50 when Spellbook was the deck to beat, before dropping to its current price of $5 and MP14 copies are $3.
I've always been a bit if a control player, so this card is right up my alley as a sideboard card.
This card has already been $50 and people remember that. Price memory is always a factor when it comes to cards going back up in price.
Everyone is hyped to play/beat Qliphort and this card gives you a good chance to catch them off guard because it's chainable to their cards.
It's also really good against Shaddoll because it stops both sides of Hedgehog, Thunder Dragon, and Volcanic Shell if it's played like I think it will.
It's good against both of the Knight archetypes, both Noble and Stellar.
Against Noble Knights, it stops ROTA as well as Borz from using his effect to search for the most important part of the deck, the equip spells. And in case you don't know, Konami has all but confirmed that Noble Knights will be Tier 1 in the TCG.
And against Stellarknights, it stops ROTA and the most expensive card in the deck, Deneb from adding anything. As well as the Pot of Duality's that they're all playing.
Not to mention that it hurts Burning Abyss from searching Tour Guide every turn with Scarm.

3. What to Dump
I don't really see anything that I would 100% advise anyone to dump. Things are pretty stable right now and it's really nice. Just the things I've said before.

Keep the juice flowing,

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