Monday, December 1, 2014

(Night Beam)er, Benz, or Bentley

Hey there YGO Community,

I didn't post last week because of ORAS and the Philly Regional. But I'm back this week with your YGO finance fix. Philly was great. I got to see so many friends, eat great food, meet a couple of fans, and make a few potential business connections. More importantly than that, my brother, Jon Blank got 7th with BA. I'm not here to write a tournament report though, so let's get to it.

1. The Current Trend
In the last article I wrote, I said Denko Sekka was one event away from going up. Well, that happened last week. They are now roughly $25 after reaching $30 for a few days. I still think this card is a good investment. And how could we forget Majesty's Fiend hitting $45 before settling right around $35? I predicted the card to hit $50 at the NAWCQ, I was right that it would increase in value, just four months later. I still kind of count it as a win.

2. Speculation Targets
The card I want to talk about this week is, you guessed it, Night Beam. This card has always been worth $5+ and has been a strong sidedeck card since its release. But now it's beginning to be played in some quantities in the maindeck. If Dust Tornado is good enough to be played, I think the normal spell that doesn't let them chain to its activation is probably playable. The card is still relatively cheap with BP03 copies available for roughly $3, while Ultras can be picked up for $5 and Ulti's for $9. If this card continues to be played, I could see this card reaching the $15 that it used to be if not hitting $20-25.

3. What to Dump
This section continues to be the weakest part of the article. It's just that except for Forbidden/Limited List predictions, I don't really see anything I'd want to run a fire sale on.

Keep the juice flowing,

P.S. Thanks to my close friend Richard “Panda" Perez for today's topic. If you want a shout out, submit possible topics and if I use it, you'll get your name in my article.

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