Monday, December 28, 2015

Til' Infinity (The Warmup)

Welcome back, YGO Community! Sorry that I didn't have an article for y'all last week, but I was lazy and a little busy getting ready for the holidays this past week, but it was mostly me being lazy though. For those of you who celebrated a holiday, I hope it was great, and for the ones who didn't celebrate anything, I hope you had a good weekend. Well, without further ado, here's this week's article.

This article will be the last one before the BOSH Sneak Peek, so I figured I'd do my best to give you ideas of two more cards that may go up as people continue to try to find answers to the most hyped card in recent memory. In the last article, I talked about XYZ Encore. This week, I wanna talk about the other options: Night Dragolich, , and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

1. Night Dragolich
This card's effect doesn't activate, so Infinity can't negate it, so it gets to smash over it. And the OCG sided it at 3 as a way to out Infinity. When I was first tipped off to this card by my friends Cameron and Dan, I bought Trollandtoad out for less than $0.70 per and they're already up to roughly $3.00 for the MP copies and roughly $4.00 per for the NECH copies. We've seen the way cards that OCG players tech spike in price, so I'd say that these could hit $8-10.

2. Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
This card is already reasonably high in price ($19-22) because how badly dropping a Cyber Dragon and eating your opponent's board in order to make a reasonably-sized threat can blow out Kozmo players. Well, imagine dropping it after your opponent spends resources to drop their boss monster who's going to control you out of the game. They can't negate your Cyber Dragon's summoning condition and it's cost to contact them for the fusion, so they can't stop that either. The card only has 3 printings, a Manga Promo, an old Tin, and a Battle Pack Tournament Promo, all of which are pretty difficult to come by. If people move to this strategy as their preferred way of outing it, the card becomes relevant against two or more of the top decks (Kozmo, PePe, and whatever Level 4 Pendulum Spam decks are viable). The card's limited distribution could cause it to skyrocket to $35+ easily. It could also, by extension, cause Cyber Dragon Core (currently $3-4) and higher rarity printings of Cyber Dragon ($43ish for Duel Terminal Preview,$35ish for Ulti, and $14ish for DR04 Ultras) to spike.

This Week's Trend

Dodger Dragon - Shout out to my boy Panda for putting me on to this card! Super Rare copies are $5-9 currently following a buyout because of how much potential they have in a world of infinite Counter Traps. I'm currently holding all my copies and pursuing more because I believe in them. So, if you can get them for $4-6, I think you should buy them.

The Melody of Awakening Dragon - This card went from a bulk foil to $3.50 with the anticipation of the new Blue-Eyes stuff. I think this card has a lot of long-term potential as a casual card. It's everything casuals like, it supports on of the biggest, smashiest, Timmyest monsters in the game, which just so happens to be a character card. And, I mean, just look at the art. Lord of D. playing a freaking guitar solo. They just did a Blue-Eyes Structure Deck in the last 2 years, so it's unlikely that Konami will do another one just for the Alternative Dragon stuff. It could easily be a $10 card in the very near future. Pick them up for $1-2 per, stash them, and profit. You're welcome.

I just wanna thank you all for the crazy love I got on the most recent post. You guys crushed anything I could have ever imagined, 2400+ views in 24 hours.

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