Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Legendary Weapons

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I told you all that I'd try to post more frequently, so here we are. Normally I choose one card and talk about it at length, but I want to try something different today. I'm going to briefly touch on a few cards that have recently fluctuated in price. Without much further ado, let's jump right into this.

The Black Stone of Legend - This card is seeing a reprint in the Legendary Joey Deck as an Ultra, but the MSRP of the decks will probably help it maintain some semblance of value, but if I had them, I would be dumping them with the swiftness. Get the $18-20 you can now instead of the $10 that you will be getting in the future.

Book of Eclipse - Super rare copies of this card are sitting right around $6 right now, if I had to guess, it's probably because of people getting ready to fight ABC and Blue-Eyes. This card has been $10+ before for the Commons/Starfoils because of it outing the Djinn lock in Nekroz, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it being that Look at Swords of Concealing Light for example, the card went from actual beans to $8+ for the Ultra literally overnight and the Ulti went through the roof, hitting $40+ for the 1st Ed copies.

Coach King Giantrainer - This card is $8+ because of the hype surrounding the 12 Beasts deck or whatever it's called. I'm sure you all saw the Maxx "C" vs Terrortop video, so you know how explosive the deck can be. I honestly don't know exactly know all the plays, but I can't wait to get blown out by the deck when it comes out. I know that if the deck can consistently summon this card, it's probably pretty strong.

Fire Formation - Tensu - This card's price is another product of the hype surrounding the new Beast Warrior deck coming out. The card was only printed foil once and is obviously strong in that deck, so I wouldn't be surprised if it holds a price tag, not $45, but $10-20? Definitely.

The Hidden City - There are only two copies for less than $20 on TCGPlayer. I assume it's because people are expecting the new support to break the deck, since, ya know, the last two TCG-exclusive archetypes have been tier 1. The deck hasn't had any cards leaked as of me writing this article, but by the time you read this, it might. I think that at $20, if you don't have too much into them, flip them, but if you want to play the deck because it has big, smashy monsters, keep them.

SPYRAL Super Agent - See The Hidden City, except there has been a card spoiled for it, just today. I'm not a pro and you don't come here for theorioh, you come here to make a little profit, so I'll let you all to evaluate it for yourself.

The White Stone of Ancients - This card is getting a reprint in the Legendary Kaiba Deck, see The Black Stone of Legend.

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