Friday, September 9, 2016

Glad You Came

Hey there, YGO Community,

I know, I know, it's been forever since I've posted anything and the last thing I did post wasn't great. I've been dealing with some bullshit in my personal life. I struggle with depression and it can make it pretty hard to get anything done. I had an entire article typed up about the Bunbuku spike, called Rac(Coon) Racc City, but ended up deleting it because I didn't feel like it was good enough or anyone would wanna read it. And when I woke up the next day, literally everyone had already covered it. But I'm back and I wanna try to keep bringing you guys some content. I can't promise any kind of schedule, but I do love doing this and I'll keep doing my damnedest to bring you all something you some knowledge that you can hopefully make some money from. I want to thank my friend Louie Orem for making me realize just how much I loved doing this by starting his own YugiTube channel, YGO Juice Bros. I can't make any promises, but I think there might be some sick collabs between the two of us in the future.

Now that I got that boring stuff out of the way, we can talk about the real reason you're all here: the Market Watch. So, it was recently announced that a character on Arc V would be playing Gladiator Beasts and that there was some new support. This implies that there would be more real world support for the deck and the thing that always happens when they announce legacy support happened, the existing cards went up in price. I'm aware that the deck is available in low rarities, but I specifically want to talk about the high rarity versions of cards: CP and TU holos and BATT promo Gyzarus.

Gladiator Beast Bestiari - This card is the heart and soul of the deck, is needed to summon Gyzarus, the Twin Twister on a body, and was limited to 1 for years after the deck was hit. CP7 copies have always been pricey, but now $45 is the cheapest on TCGPlayer.

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus - There are copies of the set foil and gold for beans, but if you're gonna play the deck, you know you want to play the super juice version. These were only available to winners of the Battle Pack Tournaments at YCS's, so they're super limited.

Gladiator Beast Laquari - The highest attack level 4 monster in the deck and needed to summon the strongest boss monster in the deck, Heraklinos. There is one copy from TU5 for $13, then after that, they're $40.

Gladiator Beast Heraklinos - Barkion/Beast wrapped into one big ass fusion, provided you have enough cards to discard. There is one LP copy for $9.50, and after that, they're $25.

I don't know exactly how good the deck will be, but I know that many Yugi players, myself included, will try to break the deck. Based off of this, I made a spec buy this week. I purchased many copies of the card Gladiator Taming. If the deck ends up being good, this card will absolutely destroy the mirror, snatch your dude, contact fuse, attack, tag again. The card is actually good against other matchups too because you can change the position of their guy, rumble into it, take a little damage, and get a tag into your answer. Players pay life for everything nowdays, why not to answer problematic cards? The card is also a secret rare from 5 years ago and has never been reprinted. And at like $0.55 per, you can't really neg.

Have a card that you think deserves some consideration?
Hit me up via social media to let me know. If I write about it, I'll drop you some credit in the article.

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  1. It's really great that you go out of your way to post things like this. Keep it up.

  2. It's really great that you go out of your way to post things like this. Keep it up.

  3. Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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