Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Catching a Cold Wave

Hey there YGO Community,

I got sick at the Frederick Regional on Sunday, so I haven't been able to write anything until today. That's why today's article didn't go up on Monday like usual. I had one weird interaction at the Regional that I want to talk about today, after the financial advice, obviously.

1. The Current Trend
Billy Brake's 60 Card Control list was spoiled this week, causing The Beginning of the End to shoot up to over $10 before settling at $8+. Now, I've played my fair share of this card before, both when I first started playing again and this past winter when I played Jeff Jones's REDRUM deck, so I know just how good this card can be. Cheap card advantage is always good, but I don't think this particular card is quite good enough to warrant the lofty price tag. I'll talk about it more in What to Dump.

2. Speculation Targets
I've recently been picking up the original versions of cards that have been or will be reprinted in the near future. People always think that a reprint will kill the price of their card, so they dump it immediately for a fraction of its original price, only to need the card a month down the road. It happens like clockwork, the reprint is announced and people dump their cards with the intent of picking them back up later for what they think will be a lower price. That's fine, but players tend to want the original printing of cards more than the reprint unless they're on a strict budget. I've been targeting the original versions of cards that were reprinted in the Mega Tins(ARK, Exciton, Dracossack, Mistake, Dichotomy, etc) that were worth $15+ prior to the reprint. The market is currently flooded with the cards and they're still holding some amount of value. Think about this: Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack was a $50+ card prior to the Mega Tins and is currently worth right about $25 with tin versions fetching $15-20. I can't help but feel like Dracossack is too good to never be played again, and when it is, its price will shoot back up, the same thing goes for any of the other cards that I've mentioned. I'll address future reprints affecting prices in next week's article.

3. What to Dump
The Beginning of the End. Billy Brake made a very good meta choice with his 60 Card Control deck. Now, everyone and their mother is jumping on the deck. Neat. Time to plus from this herd mentality. Dump your copies to them or to the internet for a quick profit before the card goes back down to $2-3 where it belongs.

Now I want to talk about an interaction I had at Frederick Regional this past Sunday. Now, I'm a pretty recognizable guy. I'm 6'2, almost 300 lbs, and I'm pretty well-known in the NY-VA region as far as TCG tournaments go. But Sunday, I was trading and hanging out with a group of friends when a player approached me and wanted to trade. I told him I was a little busy at the moment and I'd get to him as soon as I was able. I didn't want to blow the guy off or tell him to F-O, but I was legitimately busy. He must think pretty highly of himself as a trader, probably considering himself a Shark, so he told me that “My time is worth money, I can't stand in line to work with you". Before I tell you all what I told the guy, I'd like to clarify that I do not consider myself a “Shark", I'm above that. A friend jokingly referred to me as an “Apex Predator" after watching the movie, Chronicle and we all had a laugh, but the more I thought about it, the more it fit. My friends and I prey upon the self-proclaimed “Sharks" and work with the actual vendors, meaning that nothing preys on us, making us, by definition, Apex Predators. Anyway, back to the story; I tell the guy “If your time is worth money, then any trade you make with me is going to be a poor investment". He looks offended and leaves. He probably had a nice book with decent cards, but he didn't get to trade with me because of his attitude. Moral of the story is that if you wanna trade with people and potentially make a profit, don't be an asshole and especially don't talk down to people. I guess that goes for life in general though. Let me know what you think. And as always,

Keep the juice flowing,

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