Friday, October 17, 2014

The Legion of Doom(star)

Hey YGO Community,

The support I continue to get on my article series is incredible. I'm glad you guys didn't lose interest after a few weeks. If you think of anything you'd like me to talk about or that you think I missed, let me know. You can contact me via social media on
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1. The Current Trend
Nothing really groundbreaking happened this week, save for LC5D's rarities being leaked(either correctly or incorrectly). I did notice a few prices being higher than I had anticipated this week. Artifact Sanctum is $40+ with the advent of Shaddoll Artifacts finally being recognized as the best version of the deck(I told y'all over a month ago), Satellarknight Artifacts, and 50+ Card Control.
And we all knew that copies of Skill Drain were on the rise, but I didn't know that the Ultra from Turbo Pack had reached $45. It shouldn't be terribly surprising since Yang Zing plays it in triplicate, as well as the Qliphort deck that is being released in NECH.
Other than what I write about and what people post in Facebook YGO Groups under the headline “Why is X card $Y?", it can be very hard to find out that cards are trending up in price.

2. Speculation Targets
This week I want to talk about another card from DUEA, Doomstar Magician. This card is one that people are already hesitant to move for its current price of $2.50. This card feels like a gainer to me. It has a lot going for it for both competitive and casual players:
It's Dark - Players know that traditionally, Light and Dark Attribute monsters tend to be the most powerful.
It's Level 4 - This opens up XYZ plays in almost every archetype.
It's a Spellcaster - Casual players love any card that reminds them of the Dark Magician and Yugi.
It works against Pendulum Summoning - It kills one of their Pendulum Zones, rendering it impossible to perform a Pendulum Summon.
It replaces it's cost - You have to discard a card, but it replaces itself. It's fine even it it's used only as a reverse looter effect.
It's an anti-meta card - Cards that fight against new mechanics often prove themselves incredibly valuable.
I don't know that this card will be $20, but this card has a lot going for it and I will be ready if it is.

3. What to Dump
This is always the weakest part of my articles, I know. But I really have no idea what I'd be trying to dump this week. Just the stuff I've been telling you to dump for weeks.

Keep the juice flowing,

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